Patient Aftersales Engagement and Operations

Managing the Patient Aftersales vertical, working on Zenyum's workflow when a customer converts to a patient who will go through the Zenyum Aligners Treatment.

I was a Product Manager of the Aftersales vertical, I worked on automating various stage syncs and updates across Salesforce, internal database and the Zenyum app; and built other relevant artefacts. This is to keep data clean and organized, create relevant patient segments, and to keep statuses across the platforms synchronized. Multiple Zenyum teams benefited with greater efficiency, time savings, and performance visibility.
Highlights of my work covered in this page:
- In-app Surveys
 Managed to increase Response Rates of NPS and CSAT surveys from 6% to 27% and 57% respectively
- Patient Communication Revamp
Created out-of-office app chatbot on Intercom platform
Refreshed emails sent during patient's treatment journey on Braze
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Who I've worked with on this vertical: 
Creative and Product Design:
For visuals, assets and designs
App and BE Development:
To build, develop and release
For content gathering and validation
Customer Care (CC):
To understand workflow that is implemented on the ground
Business Intelligence (BI):
For data cleanup and organization
In-app Surveys
We set out to increase survey engagement among patients so that Zenyum is able to capture extensive feedback and work on improving its products and services.
This was at a point when the survey response rate stood at 6%
How it was:
A patient’s experience touches multiple aspects of Zenyum’s business - Customer Care (CC), Aligner Treatment, Clinic Visits
Feedback on all of the above business aspects had required multiple questions
- Only one single survey had existed, containing 4-5 questions for various aspects
- No feedback cadence was set, surveys were sent out manually by CC reps
- Number of responses were minimal, and data was skewed
How it is now:
Surveys are now separated by topic
- Cadence is set based on specific actions by the patient at certain points of their email, to capture their immediate feedback
First release: Surveys created were only accessible by the Zenyum App
Second iteration: In-app surveys made web accessible. Why? Survey emails can be sent and patients can respond on desktop as well. 
Third iteration: Surveys now have a colour scale as well. Why? Lower respondents' cognitive load to understand what each number means.
Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys’ response rate for each of the business aspect now at an average 57% per month
NPS Response Rate now stands at an average 27% per month
Each business department now has clean and organized survey response data, and is now able to analyze and improve their aspect of patient’s experience
We were able to use high survey responses to further monetize on their satisfaction with Referrals and Retainer sales

Tools I used for Communication Revamp

Patient Communication Revamp: Off-hours Chat bot
Together with my PM Intern, I built and implemented the first iteration on Patient chat bot on Intercom
Aim of this chat was to:
- provide patients with immediate answers to some of the more trivial queries outside of office hours, and
- make sure patients have an avenue to escalate on essential topics even after office hours, thus
- improving time-to-close metric for CC department, and to handle outside office hours operations efficiently
How I did it:
We first started by compiled a list of commonly asked questions from
- Customer Care (CC) teams across Zenyum's 9 markets, and
- Internal and Partner dentists when patients come in for clinical visits
Then after, we created the full flow that included various topic selection, sub-topic selection and the type of response (automated answer and close conversation; vs keep conversation open and assign to a CC rep) 
First iteration:
- 92% of the patients who initiated the chat bot outside of office hours where able to close the conversation themselves
- Of all the conversations that were open and pending human intervention, median time-to-close improved by 50%
Successful implementation resulted in a handover of chat bot operations to the CC department, who subsequently created an in-office hours chat bot for further efficiency
Patient Communication Revamp: Email Communication Revamp
I also performed a full refresh of various transactional email communication pieces that are sent to patients during the course of their aligner treatment. This was done to:
- Update emails with Zenyum’s brand identity
- Improve segmentation based on patient’s treatment stage, and their interaction with Zenyum
- Improve versatility of email communication journey such that cadence and content is better managed in future
How I did it:
As part of the refresh, I also had to clean up patient data and data points, that can then be used for segmentation. Concurrently. I created about 20+ email journeys on Braze, utilizing the segments created and filtering the target audience according to the logic. I also incorporated personalization using Liquid. 
Wherever appropriate, included cross-sell, and referral opportunities in some emails
To carry out this project, I coordinated between
- Customer Care team for email content and triggers
- Creative team for design and email structure
- Dentistry team for content validation, and
- Business Intelligence team for data clean-up and availability
Unfortunately, my tenure ended after retrenchment before impact could be measured

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